Chino-PhotoI moved to Phoenix in 1995 from Pasadena, California, after visiting my brother in 1990 when I learned that he was in an accident. I couldn’t help falling in love with Phoenix.

As a care provider, I had worked at JCL North Mountain Hospital and Scottsdale Osborne Hospital, also did some Home visiting, then later decided to do something different — something I really like and what I do best: Cleaning the beautiful homes of Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

When I was a kid, I was the only one helping my parents keeping our home clean, I was always picking up after my brothers and sisters.

I am a person who would like to make someone’s day, every day. So when I finish the cleaning and the home owner sees it and says, "WOW!", that to me is better than ice cream.

My Hobbies are: walking, biking, hiking, socializing, and mingling with nice people. I have hiked The Grand Canyon many times; danced at Carambas some times.

My favorite Restaurants are: Switch, Fez and a few others. I prefer ice cream over peanut butter, lol.

MY QUOTE: "I think we all should do what we do best and enjoy doing!"

Chino Verh, co-founder-Manager-crew member

Chino is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.